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Upscaling Nature-Based Flood Protection in Mozambique’s Cities : Urban Flood and Erosion Risk Assessment and Potential Nature-Based Solutions for Nacala and Quelimane (English)

Published By:

  • World Bank

Published On:

January 1, 2020


English (English)

Cities in Mozambique, particularly those located on its coastline, are highly exposed to climate risks and repeatedly suffer from severe floods. To support Mozambique in addressing these challenges and building climate resilience, the World Bank, jointly with the German Development Cooperation through KfW, have financed one of the first nature-based urban flood management projects in the coastal city of Beira. To ensure that best-practices and knowledge from this emblematic project are widely shared and can be used to scale-up nature-based solutions (NBS) in other cities, funding from GFDRR and PROFOR (Program on Forests) was secured to complete a technical assistance that produced five technical reports. These reports, prepared by CES Consulting Engineers Salzgitter GmbH and Inros Lackner SE, cover lessons learnt from the pilot experience in Beira, the enabling environment for NBS in Mozambique, and the potential for scale-up of NBS in two other cities in Mozambique (Quelimane and Nacala), which includes risk assessments, identification of possible NBS measures, and cost-benefit analyses.