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Bangladesh: Enhancing Coastal Resilience in a Changing Climate

Published By:

  • World Bank

Published On:

November 1, 2022


English (English)

The World Bank has been a long-standing partner in the government of Bangladesh’s efforts to reduce the risks from disasters and enhance coastal resilience, resulting in a number of noteworthy achievements. Bangladesh’s approach has been an integrated one, from grassroots strengthening of community-level adaptation and community-based early warning systems, to investing in key protective infrastructure and promoting innovations, all founded on a strategic policy framework.

The report provides evidence of the drivers of risks in Bangladesh’s coastal zone, analyzes what has been achieved so far in reducing these risks, and reviews the lessons learned from these achievements. Supported by in-depth analytical work, the report explores innovative solutions illustrated with artist impressions and puts forward seven key recommendations to enhance coastal resilience in Bangladesh and build shared prosperity for decades to come.