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Strategies for Large Scale Coral Reef Restoration for Coastal Resilience in the Seychelles

Published By:

  • World Bank

Published On:

November 1, 2020


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In Seychelles, coral reefs are a first line of defense against coastal flooding and erosion. Coral reefs also provide other important benefits for tourism, fishing, culture, and habitat richness. In the last years, Seychelle’s coastlines have been challenged and altered by coastal development, environmental changes, and climate change, and their vital coral reefs have been affected by recurring bleaching events. In line with the Coastal Management Plan, and to advance the potential case of reef restoration as a national coastal protection strategy, The World Bank is providing technical assistance to the Government of Seychelles to upscale the implementation of coral reef restoration for coastal protection. The study was conducted by BMT Australia with financial support from the GFDRR with the objective of developing strategies for large scale coral reef restoration for coastal resilience in Seychelles. It identifies 15 locations on the three main islands where coral restoration could be undertaken to reduce coastal risk and enhance biodiversity. The report also includes an assessment of the technical, economic, and institutional opportunities and risks of such a national plan and develops financing and implementation strategies for large-scale reef restoration relying partly on private financing sources and public-private partnerships.